Innovative Software for Biostatistical Programmers, Preclinical Safety Practitioners, and Other R&D Professionals in the Life Science Industry

The Challenge

Many biotech, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies are still using antiquated software or other inadequate tools such as Excel spreadsheets or paper to support their drug development efforts. This creates significant and unnecessary challenges that directly impact the ability to get a therapy to market as quickly as possible.


Many of the existing tools, Excel specifically, are NOT 21 CFR Part 11 compliant creating regulatory exposure and risk. With Viitai’s system, you don’t need do anything extra. It stays compliant automatically while you are doing your job.


Non-user friendly, difficult to maintain and data spread over multiple systems are just some of the day to day burden that current solutions impose. These inefficiencies slow progress of drug development.


Our solutions are mainly characterized by three words: Simple, Efficient, Compliant.

Founded by life science professionals, Viitai has developed applications that improve how life science companies run key drug development tasks. Our solutions solve sophisticated business problems yet are intuitive, built with the user in mind. All solutions are cloud based and capable of automating processes that are time-consuming and/or non-compliant. More importantly, our clients report significant improvements in work productivity after implementing Viitai solutions.